Jérôme Delroisse
Researcher / PhD

University of Mons
Marine Organisms Biology and Biomimetics

Address: Pentagone 2B // 6 Avenue du Champ de Mars
7000 Mons, Belgium
Tel: +32 65 373433 // Fax: +32 65 373434
E-mail: jerome.delroisse@umons.ac.be
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Scientific Communications

Around 45 International communications,

University lectures, 

Public conferences, 

Award winning poster & oral presentations  

Latest news

New publication in PLoS One

January 01, 2020

The velvet belly lanternshark is a small deep-sea shark commonly found in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. This bioluminescent species is able to emit a blue-green ventral glow used in counter-illumination camouflage, mainly. In this study, next generation sequencing technology has been employed to generate transcriptome data from eye and ventral skin tissues of the lanternshark and investigate opsin-based photoreception. 

This is a collaborative work with the laboratory of Prof. Jérôme Mallefet from UCL.

Help us to get the sea-cucumber genome sequenced by PacBio!

March 10, 2019

Our laboratory has been pre-selected for a competition aiming at obtaining a high-quality genome of one of our biological models: the sea cucumber! Five other species are still racing with us but there can be only one winner! Whoever gets the most public votes by wins! :-) If you agree, as well as voting for the H. scabragenome, you could also promote it in your networks!

  •     You can vote for the sea cucumber genome project on https://pacb.com/vote!

  •     Public voting until Friday, March 15, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. PDT  

  •     One vote per valid email address will be allowed


Thank you! 

Emily Claereboudt, Marie Bonneel, Jérôme Delroisse & co

Best Poster Award at the 20th International Symposium on Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence

June 25, 2018

I recently got the Best Poster Award at the International Symposium on Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence in Nantes. The price was awarded by RFI LUMOMAT. This "bright" conference brings together the international leading experts of the Bioluminescence field... I presented a poster on brittle star bioluminescence and I was also selected for a spotlight presentation.

New paper on neuropeptide signalling system in starfish published in Scientific Reports with QMUL collegues

May 08, 2019

Discovery and functional characterisation of a luqin-type neuropeptide signalling system in echinoderms published in Scientific Reports in collaboration with QMUL Collegues from the Elphick lab'. 

New publication on neuropeptide evolution in brittle stars with my QMUL friends!

January 01, 2020

Manuscript entitled "Discovery of novel representatives of bilaterian neuropeptide families and reconstruction of neuropeptide precursor evolution in ophiuroid echinoderms" is published in Open biology.


Our research in the ICIM4 (Moscow, August 2017)

January 01, 2020

Our research in the UMONS News...

January 01, 2020

One of my pictures published on Discovermagazine.com

April 20, 2017

Exploding Sea Cucumber Butt Threads Are a New Material! 

A nice summary of the cool research of my lab' colleagues!

Best Poster Award at the "Mardi des Chercheurs 2017" (UMONS)

March 14, 2017

Our paper on brittle star bioluminescence in now published in Open Biology!

April 04, 2017

New paper on the first discovery of a candidate luciferase (i.e. enzyme involved in bioluminescence) in an echinoderm!

Our paper was also selected for the cover...

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Quelli che s’innamoran di
pratica sanza scienzia son come
’l nocchier ch’entra in navilio
senza timone o bussola, che mai
ha certezza dove si vada.
Leonardo da Vinci
(Anyone who loves practice without
theory is like a sailor going aboard a
ship without rudder or compass and
having no idea where he is going.)

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